Online humanitarian training courses for aid workers.


Everyday, right around the world during complex and natural disasters, a special group of people deliver humanitarian assistance.

They are humanitarian field workers, the aid workers of our NGO community. They could be your friends, they could be your colleagues! 

Having spent well over 15 years working within humanitarian action ourselves, there is one stark reality which stands out.

Without the ability to manage NGO safety and security during humanitarian and development cycles, your chances of delivering successful humanitarian response is greatly challenged.


National Staff

661 Incidents

International Staff

57 Incidents

2017-2018 safety & security incidents targeting     International Staff compared to        National Staff




No excessive course fees, you also don't have to worry about costs for accommodation, plane flights and visas.  

We pride ourselves on having trained students who (without passports) would not have had the opportunity otherwise.



Aid agencies no longer desire you to have an NGO security training qualification or experience, they demand it, and they expect you to refresh your safety and security training skills on a regular basis.

We know this first hand because we provide humanitarian training programs to specific, large scale humanitarian sector agencies for that very reason. 


So our courses are not just for those humanitarian workers aspiring to be safety and security professionals.  They are for anyone, in any specialisation who puts boots on the ground and need high quality, humanitarian security training.

Our online courses are designed as vocational, not just informational.

You are learning to perform a role, deliver a solution, lead and act as a change agent.  Your new found security risk management skills will ensure staff delivering humanitarian aid will have the best chance of remaining safe in an otherwise hostile environment.

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There are simply no words to describe the versatility we can create in the online environment which cannot be replicated within the classroom.  

Our scenario driven courses immerse you in the "doing" aspect of learning at the vocational level.  You become the security, project, M&E professional.

Our humanitarian aid training scales to your needs and is available when and where you need it.  


Built on industry leading technology, our creative course content develops your personal security awareness as well as your ability to manage security at project, program and organisational level .  


Face to face training simply cannot compete.




Our students study while on mission, between missions, in offices with dedicated broadband internet, internet cafes and from tents in remote locations on VSAT and RBGAN.   Wherever you go, your HDLC training goes with you.



This was a great course, I am really busy with deployments, but I was able to study in between busy periods and login everywhere I went over the 6 month period.


Thanks HDLC.   I have done a lot of courses all of which are relatively the same.   This was completely different, great use of the scenario NGO and it was great to be immersed into the day to day of a humanitarian security professional.


I can highly recommend the HDLC and their courses.   While I am not in the security space, I have security and safety responsibilities as a project leader.   This course has given me a greater appreciation for the complexities of risk management in the humanitarian space and helped me gain my current position.


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Agency Recognised

Our reputation is a direct result of the value of our content, delivery approach and 14-year history partnering with leading aid agencies.

Informative Tutorials

Informative and thorough tutorials covering 'how to' subject matter best conveyed through webcasts and screen-capture media.  Our Instructors don't just talk about strategies, they show you how to implement them as well.

Real-time Assessments

None of this automated quiz only marking, we work with you in real-time to mentor your learning journey and provide an instructor-facilitated assessment.

24/7 Account Access

Student access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world, on any platform, mobile or desktop*

Active Presentations

Rich, progressive and relevant multi-media presentations from facilitated by real instructors delivering course content from active field experience.

Progress Analytics

You have up to date access to your progress through your course including a breakdown of course, module and lesson user data.

Pick your device

Our training is accessible via desktop and mobile devices for IOS and Android, so there is no chance you won't be able to log in and learn regardless of where you are.



Our humanitarian online training has been developed to provide a building block approach.  This ensures you grow with the scenario interweaved throughout the various certificate levels.

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