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The I-ACT Incident Response Model was developed during my 12-month deployment in Afghanistan as the Senior Safety & Security Advisor for a well known UK based aid agency.

During that period I embedded the I-ACT Incident Response Model as a rapid capacity-building tool with our 480 local and international staff members.

Given the precarious nature of the environment leading up to the country's first parliamentary elections and the common, low level of literacy capability of staff, it became our 'go-to' mantra.

It is such a basic, yet powerful tool for empowering autonomous decision making in the field.   


Simply because it is in the field where there is sometimes, no time, to remember the countless pages of SOP's, sitting in some folder, on some shelf, in some office, many miles away from the incident staff are being confronted with.

All the best, use it for good!

Sam Campbell

HDLC Founder

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